Editorial Riquezas SRL was born as a result of the work done by Mr. Jorge Arteaga Zambrana with Mr. Jorge Scott Thellaeche. In addition to the collaboration of Dr. José Antonio de la Peña with whom they have produced books such as the Bolivia Agricultural Encyclopedia and the Bolivia Agricultural Collection.

Mr. Arteaga and Mr. Scott founded Editorial Riquezas SRL on September 20, 2014. NIT # 287910022.

The Publishing House has the enormous advantage of basing many of its works on the television program «Bolivia Agropecuaria», which has been broadcast weekly on an uninterrupted basis for more than 25 years on RTP and on Channel 7 – TVB. This program has been touring all corners of the country and analyzing the agricultural activity of many companies, institutions and NGOs.

Riquezas Publishing House is responsible for the dissemination of Bolivia Agricultural through social networks and digital marketing. His YouTube channel of Bolivia Agropecuaria, has more than 1 million views. And our Facebook already has more than 12,000 followers. Our web pages: www.boliviaagropecuria.com already has more than 400,000 visits.


  • Production of professional videos,
  • Development of pages, Animations, Logos, Campaigns on social networks,
  • Texts, books, leaflets and all kinds of printed material.


Educational products and services of excellence for the benefit of society. Be good human beings with excellent results.


We provide the best multimedia educational products and services, exceeding our clients’ expectations, and serving millions of people worldwide.


We believe that EDUCATION is the key and the key to the survival of humanity and life.


Our mission is to produce books, courses, videos, arts, Web pages and useful, beautiful and didactic multimedia educational material. To market them worldwide with excellence and professionalism, forming good human beings, ecological and prosperous.


Jorge Arteaga Zambrana

The Lic. In Administration of Organizations, Jorge Eduardo Arteaga Zambrana, was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1968. Of mother tarijeña and father vallegrandino. He studied at the San Ignacio school in the city of La Paz. At Shelton State Community College in Alabama in the United States, at the Bolivian Catholic University, at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and at the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino in La Paz, Bolivia. Researcher and self-taught in essence, he studied computer science, statistics, finance, graphic design, grammar, study techniques, marketing, chess and others.

He worked in the company Data Center SRL as Administrative Manager; as a consultant to the company Interconsult SRL and the project for Educational Reform with the GTZ (German Cooperation). He was Regional Manager of the Gold Forest Bolivia company. He worked as General Advisor of the National State Heritage Service. He collaborates with Dr. De La Peña in the production and dissemination of the Bolivia Agropecuaria television program for more than 22 years. He is a Founding Partner and General Manager of Editorial Riquezas SRL.

He is the author of the books: Bolivia Agricultural Encyclopedia, Fish in Bolivia, Camelids in Bolivia, Timber trees in Bolivia, Protected areas of Bolivia, School and family gardens, Techniques for a successful dairy and Coca in Bolivia. Speak and write: Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Jorge Scott Thellaeche

Jorge Scott Thellaeche, Agronomist with a specialty in Rural Development and Diploma in Agribusiness. I study at the San Ignacio school in La Paz, Bolivia and Agronomic Engineering at the University of San Simón in Cochabamba. He is a founding Partner of the Editorial Riquezas and a partner of the Bolivia Agricultural Encyclopedia. He worked in different areas of Bolivia getting involved in productive projects and their commercialization. He currently lives in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Jorge Scott

Dr. José Antonio de la Peña

Dr. José Antonio de la Peña Soria was born in La Paz. He trained at German Mcal schools. Braum, La Salle and René Barrientos. He studied at the Mcal University. José Ballivián in the department of Beni. There, he obtained the title of Zootechnical Veterinary Doctor. He completed several postgraduate courses in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, the United States and Japan. He has specialties in management and production of dairy cattle, artificial insemination, clinic of minor animals and media techniques.

He worked in public and private activity, always in the agricultural sector in the different departments of the country. He owns a veterinary clinic, advises different livestock companies. He is a university professor and doctor of dogs working for the police.

Since 1991, he has been dedicated to research traveling and traveling the dusty roads of deep Bolivia. From that date he directs and conducts, without interruptions, the television program «Bolivia Agropecuaria» which is broadcast every week on Bolivian television. There, he shows the different activities developed by the country man in the nine departments of the country, an activity for which he received important awards. He is also the author of the Bolivia Agricultural Encyclopedia, Between shots and flips, As well water, I met Julio Cesar Ruibal and La flor del chapare.

Dr. José Antonio de la Peña